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Only $20 for each title.

The Handbooks have been authored by subject matter experts and are designed to provide practical information, tools and workshops. at the finish of a Handbook learners should be enabled to operate more effectively in the area chosen.

How to Improve Interpersonal Relationships and Communications $20.00

Interpersonal skills for engaging with bosses and team members are crucial to career success. The way we communicate is central to our success in our personal and professional lives.

Assertiveness $20.00

Learn when and how to be assertive, even if it does not come naturally.

Delegation Handbook $20.00

Good delegation empowers others, decreases your stress, and makes it more possible to obtain promotion.

Time Management $20.00

Master Time Management and become more Productive and Valuable

Teamwork $20.00

This Handbook is for managers or others that need to know the process of how to build and manage a champion team.

Stress management $20.00

Identify sources of stress, and develop approaches to minimise and manage stress

Leadership $20.00

All you need to know about leadership at work, and how to do it

Resolving Conflict $20.00

Conflict in life and at work is inevitable and unavoidable. But it is how you deal with it that determines your success and enjoyment of life in full.

Getting Results FREE

The classic handbook for setting goals and managing others is ideal for new managers

Innovation and Creative Thinking $20.00

Even if you are not a natural, this booklet can teach you techniques and methods on how to think creatively to give you new skills to make the most of your career.

Decision Making and Problem Solving $20.00

Make better decisions to improve your employment potential and private life

Project Management $20.00

Be in control of time and tasks through improved Project Management skills

Negotiating Skills $20.00

There are rules to the art of negotiation, and they can be learnt. This handbook uses the DEAL model to steer people through effective negotiations, and provides a lot of essential information and techniques to ensure that you can be confident and comfort

Coaching & Managing Performance $20.00

All you need to know about developing others, and how to do it

The First Sales Handbook $20.00

Professional sales people need a constant supply of prospects in order to obtain sales. This handbook provides ideas and methodology to ensure that you have quality leads to sell to.

The Second Sales Handbook $20.00

Here are the face-to-face skills and techniques needed to persuade and convince a prospect to buy from you. This Handbook contains a number of workshops that allow you to analyse your customer's needs, and develop scripts and scenarios that give you the best possible chance of overcoming objections and obtaining the sale.

The Third Sales handbook $20.00

The focus is on specific closing techniques that can be deployed, as well as the longer term strategy of ending every sales process positively. You will examine the psychology of you and your prospect at the vital closing stage of the sale.