Recruiting like a professional is not difficult if you know all the steps, and have a system in place to help you manage and control each stage of the process.

Apollo Select - Basic Recruiting System

  • If your business recruits more than 3 people a year, including staff turnover, you will benefit from having a standardised professional system to help you. Otherwise recruiting takes up too much time from untrained staff, and it is not likely that you get the best result possible either.
  • In my experience of over 40 years of recruiting I have seen a lot of practices and processes, some good, many quite bad, and as a result I have designed a simple to use but professional recruitment system called Apollo Select.
  • Apollo Select guides the user, ensures best practice, and controls and standardises the recruitment process. And most importantly ensures you hire people highly likely to be a success in the job.
  • But recruiting is not just about having a system - somehow you have to evaluate soft-skills motivations and attitudes such as reliability, customer service, leadership, and other intangibles. Apollo Select integrates all the soft-skills components, including a validated psychometric assessment.
  • Smaller businesses do not need a big, complex and expensive system - but they do need some systemisation!! And small business want a basic but professional system at a low price, we know that too!

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James Bowden developer of the Apollo Select Recruitment System and the Apollo Profile Psychometric Test.

James has been a senior executive and recruited hundreds of employees as well as owned and operated a very successful recruitment business. He has recruited CEO's, CFO's, COO's, tons of Managers, Sales people, Call Centre people, Admin people and Blue Collar workers. James has also trained hundreds of people in recruiting procedures, interviewing, and using psychometric tests, and presented at professional conferences.

Free Recruiting Handbook

I am happy to share my knowledge and give interested businesses a free Recruiting Handbook that contains many of the secrets of professional recruiting. This Handbook alone is worth its weight in gold for mastering the art of recruiting the right person for the job.

Testimonial extracts:

  • "As a small but fast growing business, it is vital that the people that work with us fit in with our team, and are highly matched to the duties they have to perform."
  • "The Apollo Select system has kept track of the whole recruitment process, and made sure that we only proceed with people highly suited to our specific role and industry."
  • "Importantly, we think that the Apollo Select process has sometimes identified aspects of some job applicants that would have been of concern, and avoided appointing a wrong job fit."
  • "The Apollo Select process has saved us time and money, has shortened the time taken to obtain new staff and given us confidence that the people we start are much more likely to do well with us."

* Client list available upon request.